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The story of Wow Carpet Clean! .....

Wow was formed over 10 years ago when David the owner had his carpets cleaned at his home and was fascinated by the service offered. David realised almost immediately that was an industry he could work in and feel satisfied with a job well done rather than his 9 to 5 office job! 10 years later and with many training programmes completed, Wow now have 5 staff and are capable of completing any size of job!

The importance of carpet cleaning in Blackburn is that we at Wow can clean deep down into the carpet pile, refreshing and revitalising your tired, dirty carpets!

Why have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis:

•A longer lasting Carpet - Carpets can become worn over time. This is usually caused by grit and dirt rubbing against the carpet fibres. Having the carpets regularly cleaned can help prevent wearing of the carpet.

•Stains! - Customers will no longer need to hide those oil, tea, coffee, makeup or food stains with a rug or sofa after having the carpet a professional cleaned.

•Hygiene - Removal of dust, dirt, grime, sand, grit, soil and other nasties!

•Carpet Condition - Appearance is everything when it comes to your home furnishings. Even the dirtiest of carpets can often look like new after cleaning!

•Bacteria & Mites - Allergens from dust mite excretion, insects, insect eggs and bacteria can cause no end of health issues. Having your carpets professional cleaned can help with this problem.

•Deodorising - Carpets can often have a musty smell and other issues can be dog urine, cat smells, or drink spillages like milk. We can deodorise while cleaning your carpets leaving them smelling fresh again.

Is carpet cleaning safe? ..... Myths of carpet cleaning!

If you are cleaning a carpet with a DIY machine and no knowledge or training then i would say it may be safe but as a rule, if you are having them cleaned professionally by a well trained operatior then it's perfectly safe! There are a lot a myths surrounding the industry. The most common one i here is "my carpets will never be the same after cleaning". This originated from the days when harsh chemicals where used. Todays solutions are designed to clean the carpet without causing any amage to the fibres.

Why are we so highly trained?

Now i am going to slightly contradict myself after stating that carpet cleaning is safe because things can go wrong if you do not know what you are doing!

Types issues that can happen if you are not trained!

Carpet Shrinkage

Colour Run

Colour Bleed

Distortion Of Pile

Hessian Bleed

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