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  • Rug Cleaning

    Rug cleaning is becoming ever more popular with our customers mainly because of the popularity of laminate and wood flooring.

    Rugs can have the same problems as carpets like smells, dirt and stains and treatment just like carpet cleaning. We can deep clean any size or style or rug including wool, nylon, short pile or long pile.

    Rugs main problem we find is that dogs love them :) They like to lay on them creating doggy smells or even worse urine deposits!

    We can solve any smell issues with your rug by using our powerful industrial carpet extraction cleaning machine along with our deodorizers and bactericides in stock.

    Rugs can hide all types of nasties like insects, insect eggs, flees, bacteria, dust mites and general dirt. They can be a breeding ground for many issues and need cleaning at least a few times a year.

    Don't delay have your rug cleaned today! We use pet and child safe products and we will leave your rugs smelling clean again!



  • New Equipment

    We are pleased to announce that Wow have invested in and purchased some new equipment. Our staff are now fully trained in the use of the new carpet cleaning equipment and it puts Wow in the forefront of the latest floor cleaning technology.

    The new equipment is the latset in advanced carpet cleaning solutions. Making it easier for our operators and enabling them to be more efficient and thus providing a better quality of service to the customer.

    The new advance in cleaning means that we can clean carpets in Blackburn faster and leaving them dryer when we leave. In fact the new equipment we have invested in can leave carpets dry just 30 minutes after cleaning.

    Our customers seem to love it too. Not only do they like the results, they like the fact that the carpet or carpets are not excessively wet after cleaning, resulting in the customer to get on with their lives straight away!

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    Keep Personnel Healthy With Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning.

    Commercial carpet cleaning is very essential in all workplaces. Not only it helps employees and customers from the buildup of dirt, harmful microbes and dust, but also keeps them healthy during work hours. In such cases, their productivity will increase.

    These days, every business has a different working environment and approach. That’s why when it comes to determining the rate at which carpet must be cleaned, you cannot give a similar answer to all commercial houses. In actual fact, different businesses have their own diverse requirements so the carpet cleaning frequency relies on many factors.

    Carpet cleaning for removal of grit, dirt and stains as well as for cosmetic reasons can be done by modern or traditional techniques. You can perform cleaning of your upholstery and carpets on a monthly or weekly basis, however are you really assured that your commercial property is free from dirt and dust and completely clean? Yes, you may have the necessary equipment to achieve the task, but most of the dirt or stains cannot be easily reached by a simple diy machine and with little experience.

    A professional commercial carpet cleaning service can effectively remove stains, get deep in the fibres and help your furnishings and floor look like new again. Engaging with the service of professionals can ensure that your commercial space is healthy, bright and clean. Also, no allergens or harmful germs will lurk in the pile.

    What can professional commercial carpet cleaning ensure?

    Now is the time to outsource your janitorial and commercial carpet cleaning services that your business needs.

    Professional cleanup stops enduring damage .....

    Some soiling are more damaging than others. You may think that a simple spill is not a big deal, however if it’s not properly clean, the resulting wetness can cause mildew, mold or water stains to develop. It is important to know the correct way to approach each kind of cleaning situation, and commercial teams have seen it all. Choose a professional and you can acquire access to years of the needed expertise and carpet cleaning experience to accurately make the workplace shine.

    Money matters

    If your regular staff manages the onsite cleaning needs, you need to assign their time properly. What will they do while waiting for something to be spilled or for the wastebaskets to be filled? Do you need to rent or buy extra specialty equipment in order to make tasks for your staff to carry out? Choosing a professional commercial carpet cleaning company will let you save you money and time in the long run.



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