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Wow CarpetClean is the leading carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning company in your local area. We provide a highly professional carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning service at affordable rates! We use the safest and most advanced cleaning equipment in the industry and our highly trained technicians are dedicated to providing a fantastic service. All our work is fully insured and guaranteed, so you can relax knowing your items will be treated with great care. We also provide a full cleaning service for homes, offices, and organisations.

Why should you have your carpets or upholstery professionally cleaned?
• Because they’re a huge source of dust and dirt in your home.
• To ensure that you don’t get stuck with a cheap, low-quality cleaning.
• Because they’re not just furniture, they’re also a health hazard.
• To ensure that you don’t fall ill to anyone else’s pet dander or dust mite allergens.

What sets us apart from the average carpet cleaning is that we take a very careful, thorough approach to cleaning your carpets and upholstery, ensuring that your carpets and upholstery stay cleaner longer. We employ a very thorough pre-treatment, stain removal and post-treatment process to make your carpets and upholstery stay cleaner longer.

More reasons why you should have your carpets professionally cleaned?
• to remove dirt and stains
• to remove dust and allergens
• To get rid of oil and grease
• To avoid health problems
• To freshen up my house (makes the flooring look like new again if possible)
• to keep your house smelling fresh and clean

Our carpet, upholstery and rug cleaning services are designed to give you the peace of mind that your home or office is looking its best. We use the latest cleaning technologies and equipment to restore your carpets, upholstery and rugs to their original condition. Our team of experienced and certified cleaners will work diligently to clean every nook and cranny, ensuring that no dirt or dust is left behind. In addition, we guarantee that will use all of our decades of experience, skill and training to produce the best possible clean so that you can be sure that you’re making the best decision for your home or office.

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Carpet Cleaning

All types of carpets can be cleaned in Blackburn, including Berbers, woven, man-made, Wiltons, wool, nylon or polypropylene! All types of stains can be treated and often removed including oil, milk, coffee, tea, ink, wine, food and many more!

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Upholstery Cleaning

We can deep clean all types of upholstery including sofas, suites, chairs, bar stools, fabric and leather furniture. Wing back chairs, recliners, office chairs, foot rests and pouffes can also be cleaned and treated with scotch guard.

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Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning is another speciality or Wow Carpet Clean! We can clean and deodorise your tired old rug to revitalise and refresh. Stubborn stains can be removed and pet odours neutralised. All sizes can be cleaned to a high standard!

Affordable Pricing

Special Offers

Room Prices

1 Room = £55
2 Rooms = £79
3 Rooms = £99
4 Rooms = £120
5 Rooms = £ASK

full house prices

1 Bedroom House = £ASK
2 Bedroom House = £ASK
3 Bedroom House = £ASK
4 Bedroom House = £ASK
5 Bedroom House = £ASK

Upholstery Cleaning

*Upholstery – 2 Seater = £45 & 3 Seater = £55

Have you ever thought that you would love to have your carpets cleaned but was unsure about the cost or level of service. Well look no further because WOW carpet cleaning in Blackburn are just a phone call away. We are trained to clean any type of carpet, rug or upholstery furnishing at your home or business including or man made fibres.

Our cleaning systems will remove deep down dirt in your carpets and we are confident of giving you the customer the best carpet clean you could ever get in Blackburn or any area of Lancashire.

We have been cleaning carpets for over 10 years and can offer a very professional service from start to finish including a free quote, deep clean and we are extremely tidy in all aspects of carpet cleaning in Blackburn.

Genuine Pricing Policy
Guaranteed Fixed Quote on the Phone

About Us

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Customers will often forget that we not only clean carpets but offer a full range of furniture cleaning so are expert upholstery cleaners too! Sofas and settees can be cleaned and revived also. Upholstery is usually the centrepiece of any home and having it deep cleaned to make it look bright and fresh again can impress family and friends. We often get called out to clean chairs also, like arm-chairs and dining chairs. It is vitally important that you hire a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning company to take on cleaning your sofa or suite. Upholstery is more complicated in structure than carpets and needs to have a survey and tested before cleaning. We take great pride in our cleaning procedures, and they are put in place to make sure we only carry out upholstery cleaning safely in your home or commercial property.

Rugs are another furnishing that we can clean. A rugs vibrant colours can be revitalised with our cleaning process. We can also remove odours in your rugs which tends to be a big issue, especially if you have pets. We will clean your rug at your property or business to save you the hassle of pick up and drop off. We can usually remove most stains and more importantly we can remove doggy odours!



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Special Website Offers

These cleaning offers are only available for this month and only on our website.

  • Carpet Cleaning - Any 1 room = £55
  • Carpet Cleaning - Any 2 rooms = £79
  • Carpet Cleaning - Any 3 rooms = £99
  • Carpet Cleaning - Any 4 rooms = £120
6 Point Cleaning System

1. Pre-Inspection

A thorough examination of your carpets is carried out before cleaning.

2. Pre-Vac

We vacuum carpets with a professional hoover before we even start the carpet clean.

3. Pre-Spray

We will spray a solution don before extracting to break down the ingrained dirt.

4. Extraction

Dirt, dust and soil are flushed out of the dirty carpet leaving it bright and clean!

5. Carpet Drying

The carpet will be helped in the drying process with specialist dryers.

6. Post-Inspection

The carpet will be double checked to make sure nothing has been missed.

Why Choose WOW!
  • Affordable prices and value for money
  • We use quality products and equipment
  • Polite and courteous to all customers
  • Experienced fully trained operators
  • Free quotations and advice available
  • We are equipped to carry out any job
  • Carpets dry in 2 hours after cleaning (can vary)
  • No hidden fees or VAT for carpet cleaning
  • Fully trained carpet & upholstery cleaners
  • Established carpet cleaaners of 10 years
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our services are affordable. We strive to keep the cost down but as you can see from our carpet cleaning in Blackburn page we only use the best cleaning chemicals and machinery on the market so you get what you pay for.

Our main head office is in Blackburn but we also cover all areas of the Lancashire area. As expert carpet cleaners in Blackburn, we love to travel outside the town and have a loyal following throughout the North West area!

As a general rule it takes about 40 minutes per room to clean. A 3 seater sofa takes about an hour to carry out and our cleaners will remove head grease and ingrained dirt from your fabric.

The short answer to that is yes if you want every area cleaned. We clean the area of carpet that you can see. If you want to clean under sofas, tv units ect then please move them out of the area.

No ….. There are some carpets that can shrink after cleaning so after inspection we let you know that they can not be cleaned. There are also carpets that can have the same issue but still can be cleaned carefully!

If your carpets have this issue after cleaning then you have not used a proffesional carpet cleaning company. You can sometimes have this problem too if you use a hired DIY machine. Carpets are only left slightly damp after we have cleaned them and although there may be an initial odour for a few hours on wool carpets, the odour passes fairly soon. We use deodorisers when cleaning to give your carpets a fresh clean smell after cleaning.

We remove about 90% of stains on average but sometimes a stain on your carpet can be permanent. It will depend on the type of carpet and the type of stain. Wool carpets are more prone to permanent stains as they are made from a natural fibre which can dye the area like with your hair!

A general rule is 2 to 3 hours after cleaning, although again this depends on the soiling, carpet fibre type, heating or humidity. The age of the carpet is also a factor.

Even the strongest chemical solutions we have are in similar strength to domestic home washing powders! If you have pets or children we use products safe to use in theses situations.

No. We give a fixed price over the phone anyway and our prices start from just forty pound. For just forty pound you can have your stairs, hallway and landing carpets cleaned or a single room.

Yes ….. we are the number one carpet cleaning company in Blackburn with over 10 years experience and with all the up to date insurance documents and training. Our customers keep on coming back to us time after time and you will find us to be polite and friendly. Why not give us a call for more information.

Testimonials from our clients

Amazing Results! Amazing Carpet Cleaner!
R Holgate
The BEST carpet clean i have ever had!
My carpets smell so fresh again!
P Holt
Mellor Brow
I did not think you would get any stains out but you removed all of them!
M Booth
Blackburn Rd, DARWEN
All i can say is i now know why you are called WOW Carpet Cleaning
S Ashton
Cherry Tree, Blackburn

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