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New Equipment
A van with equipment in the back for cleaning carpet.

New Equipment

We are pleased to announce that Wow Carpet Clean has invested in and purchased some new equipment. Our staff are now fully trained in the use of the new carpet cleaning equipment and it puts Wow at the forefront of the latest floor cleaning technology.

The new equipment is the latest in advanced carpet cleaning solutions. Making it easier for our operators and enabling them to be more efficient and thus providing a better quality of service to the customer.

The new advance in cleaning means that we can clean carpets in Blackburn faster and leaving them dryer when we leave. In fact, the new equipment we have invested in can leave carpets dry just 30 minutes after cleaning.

Our customers seem to love it too. Not only do they like the results, they like the fact that the carpet or carpets are not excessively wet after cleaning, resulting in the customer to get on with their lives straight away!

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