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Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning is becoming ever more popular with our customers mainly because of the popularity of laminate and wood flooring.

Rugs can have the same problems as carpets like smells, dirt and stains and treatment just like carpet cleaning. We can deep clean any size or style of rug including wool, nylon, short pile or long pile.

Rugs main problem we find is that dogs love them 🙂 They like to lay on them creating doggy smells or even worse urine deposits!

We can solve any smell issues with your rug by using our powerful industrial carpet extraction cleaning machine along with our deodorizers and bactericides in stock.

Rugs can hide all types of nasties like insects, insect eggs, flees, bacteria, dust mites and general dirt. They can be a breeding ground for many issues and need cleaning at least a few times a year.

Don’t delay have your rug cleaned today! We use pet and child-safe products and we will leave your rugs smelling clean again!

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